Our Advantage
and Approach

With significant investing and operating experience and a history of building successful businesses, we remain committed to our traditional core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. We believe in doing business the right way in order to build transparent relationships with business owners, management teams, employees and customers.

Pritzker Private Capital has been investing in middle-market companies since 2002 and takes great pride in our history of successfully building long-standing relationships and embracing the complexities inherent in scaling a business. Our access to a broad network of advisors, strategic partners and potential customers are key to supporting our management teams' efforts to drive growth.

Our long-duration capital base provides the flexibility to deploy financial and other resources needed to grow middle-market companies. This same flexibility applies to our investment horizon, enabling us to make decisions in partnership with management in the best interests of our companies.

We understand how to successfully align the strategies and goals of management teams to build category-leading businesses. Our team of over 40 investment and operating professionals give us the experience and scale to support our companies’ growth strategies. We focus on doing what is best for the long-term, versus simply realizing short-term gains.

Our Differentiated

Deep Appreciation for Family-and Entrepreneur-owned Businesses

At Pritzker Private Capital, we have a deep appreciation for family- and entrepreneur-owned businesses. We also understand there may come a time when there is a need to diversify wealth, transition ownership of a business and/or bring on a capital partner. Finding that partner who values the employees, culture, relationships and reputation of the company and who can be trusted to position that company for continued success is paramount.

Multi-generational Legacy of Building and Operating Successful Companies

Pritzker Private Capital has a multi-generational legacy of building and operating successful companies. At our core, we understand the importance of preserving what makes a company special and sensitive to how we handle ownership transitions.

  • We encourage business owners to remain involved, if they choose, to manage their companies and maintain a meaningful ownership stake
  • We have significant flexibility to creatively structure transactions that meet the needs of business owners, especially families and entrepreneurs
  • We align naturally with management because we maintain a long-term focus on building companies and creating value

Differentiated Alternative

We are the differentiated alternative as a capital partner. We seek to invest our long-term capital and take very seriously our core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. We have and will continue to maintain enduring relationships with our business partners over generations.

Provide Operating Latitude and Strategic Alignment to Execute Growth Plans

At Pritzker Private Capital, we understand the challenge in finding the right partner who supports the vision of a company, and who is also willing to provide operating latitude and strategic alignment to execute growth plans. We do not run companies but rather support talented teams with appropriate resources and access.

A Differentiated Partner to Management Teams

Our model allows us to be a differentiated partner to management teams compared to traditional sources of private capital

  • Our primary focus is to further the long-term interests and goals of our companies
  • We are not driven by short-term returns or artificial limitations on our investment periods
  • We offer management incentive plans with a built-in path to liquidity given our propensity to hold companies for an extended period
  • We bring significant balance sheet credibility to support future growth, showing long-term stability to customers and vendors
  • We use appropriate leverage in our transactions to preserve operating flexibility and long-term growth strategies
  • A long history of successful business building and an extensive network allow us to provide maximum support to our management teams

We are the Differentiated Alternative as a Capital Partner

We are the differentiated alternative as a capital partner. Our focused experience and long-duration capital base allow us to be efficient and rational in our decision-making, avoiding common pitfalls. Our collaborative and transparent approach aligns with management to help remove impediments to value creation.

Advising and Identifying the Best Solution for each Client is your Primary Concern

At Pritzker Private Capital, we understand that advising and identifying the best solution for each client is your primary mandate. Finding a buyer that will offer a competitive price is as important as aligning prospective buyers with clients. Reputation matters, and we believe working with an investment firm that is fair and transparent is paramount.

Extensive Prior Investment Experience

We have a team of professionals with extensive prior investment experience working for some of the leading investment organizations. Our team members came to Pritzker Private Capital because we seek to provide a superior solution for business owners.

  • Our long-term focus on business building and value creation allows us to align better with business owners and management
  • Our long-duration capital base gives us significant flexibility in structuring transactions to meet the needs of sellers, management teams and other stakeholders
  • We do what we say and strive to be direct and transparent
  • We make decisions efficiently and decisively and can close transactions quickly
  • We are committed to our core values of honesty, integrity and loyalty

Ability to Help Present a Compelling Alternative to Clients

Pritzker Private Capital is the differentiated alternative as a capital partner. Given our unique attributes, we can engage with clients who are interested in exploring alternatives to traditional private capital.

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